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Ghouls Just Want To Have Fun

And Also The Trees believe in ghosties and spookies and things that go bump in the night. Which is hardly surprising if you consider that they come from a little village in Worcestershire that has been almost bypassed by the 20th century. Everything there moves very slowly and time seems to drag its heels, punctuated only by the reaping of ea [...]

The Trees Are Whispering In The Wind

And Also The Trees, who are visiting Denmark next month, offers musical value for the invested patience. The english cultband AATT has existed since the early 80′s and has in all these years suffered the merciless faith almost to be totally ignored by the leading music press in their home country. Despite this fact, AATT has obstinately [...]

The Millpond Years

This is the first album release from the Trees for two years, after hiding with some great success in Europe. I find it a shame that when bands get overseas popularity they seem to neglect their homes, but then again, they say where the streets are paved with gold Jack’s not a poor boy (or so my last manager kept telling me). (more&hell [...]

Virus Meadow

From deep in the heart of Worcestershire, where time plays strange tricks with your mind and the past clings to the present like a fragrance, come And Also The Trees, bringing with them suspence, dew-eyed cobwebs and the musty smells of winter as mildewed as the bowl of decaying still-life on this sleeve. (more…)

AATT @ Albertslundhuset (Denmark)

It was something so rare as pure idealism that layed behind this concert with the more than ten years old english cultband And Also The Trees. Brought to Denmark by a initiative group of three persistent local fans, who had the idea that something had to happen with both And Also The Trees in Denmark and the rock in Albertslund. “People [...]

The distressful soundlandscape of the...

And Also The Trees plays beyond time and place in an exceptional mixture of styles. And Also The Trees is a strange band, who exist in spite of the trends in time in their own chilled time dimension – practically since day 1 in the early 80′s. Yet And Also The Trees has kept a loyal audience in large parts of the european continen [...]


Broadway, the hole buried in the depths of Hammersmith’s Clarendon Hotel, is not an ideal place to witness any spectacular. Tacky gothic sketches on the walls, limited space on and around the stage, and dangerously dodgy amplification mixed with an unsympathetic sound engineer, make for one of London’s lesser-appreciated venues. T [...]

PINE-FRESH! And Also The Trees

If on this black and rainswept night you were crawling through London on bruised knees, you should have found yourself drawn to the Clarendon, awaiting the onset of And Also The Trees. The Wonders of worcestershire were predictably magnificent, blowing out a fierce and frightening set. AATT’s music has grown from the dissident seeds of [...]

And Also The Trees Band Box Set

The following text was shamelessly stolen from the cover-like piece of folded paper that comes along the AATT box set, containing all their 12″ and the first 7″. The Boxset is very good quality – some of the singles look like being original while others are made specially for the set. At least you can see what’s re-pre [...]

And Also The Trees Band

MC – tape LP – lp 12′ – 12′ single 7′ – 7′ single For further explanations there’re notes at the end of almost every release. And Also The Trees are : Steven Burrows – bass Nick Havas – drums Justin Jones – guitar,keyboard Simon Huw Jones – vocals (more…)
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